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The 6 P\'s

Remember and live by the 6 P\'s. They work for the military, so they\'re good enough for us.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

How to make your own smoke bomb

October 4, 2009

Smoke bombs are great for signalling if you are in distress and/or concealment. This video shows you how to make high volume smoke with ingredients you can find at your local Wal-Mart. You never know when you’ll need smoke.


Gear Giveaways and reviews

October 2, 2009

Hey everyone, just looking for a little feedback here.

I started this site with the intention of doing some gear reviews myself, but also giving away free gear to readers in return for honest reviews. Since the site is new, I plan to start small (aka cheap), and move on to bigger and better pieces of gear as readership grows.

What type of inexpensive gear would you like to see/possibly receive/review?

Military Manuals

October 2, 2009

This list will be constantly updated with downloadable military manuals. Personally what I like to do is print out the pages I believe to be relevant to my situation and surroundings from each manual and put them all in waterproof plastic sheets and stick them in a binder. Instead of having to lug around reams of paper, or a stack of books, I just put my survival binder in with one of my prep boxes. It keeps things light and easy to find that way.

Please note all files are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

FM 3-3.1 Nuclear contamination avoidance

united_states_army_fm_3-19×30 -physical security

united_states_army_fm_3-21×38 -pathfinder

united_states_army_fm_3-24 -counterinsurgency

united_states_army_fm_3-25×26 – maplandnav

united_states_army_fm_4-25×11 – firstaid

united_states_army_fm_5-20 -camouflage

united_states_army_fm_5-103 – survivability

united_states_marine_mwtc_summer survival- 6_february-2005

united_states_marine_mwtc_winter survival- 6_february-2005

united_states_army_fm_23-10 – sniper training

united_states_army_fm_3-34×230 – 3_august_2000 Topographic Ops

7 awesome survival sites

October 2, 2009

1. Survival Topics

A very informative site run by Ron Fontaine, owner of A small but very dedicated forum makes this site one of the best.

2. Survival Monkey

A great survival resource, with a well populated forum with membership numbering in the thousands. Awesome site!

3. SurvivalBlog

One of the most comprehensive survival sites on the net, this one should be checked daily and bookmarked. If it pertains to survival, you will find it here.

4. Zombie Squad

One of the biggest survival/self sufficiency forums around, this one can’t be missed. Just make sure you post an introduction first, it’s just about mandatory.

5. WhenSHTF

Another good sized forum, there is a wealth of knowledge to be found here.

6. Off Grid Survival

A constantly updated, very well presented site. Good stuff here.

7. Wilderness Survival Forums

A mid-sized forum filled with intelligent and knowledgeable posters, it’s definitely worth checking out every day.

LDS Preparedness manual

October 1, 2009

Now I’m not a religious person, but the LDS Preparedness Manual is one of the best I’ve come across. It’s 223 pages in PDF format, and its certainly well worth the read if you can get past the religious stuff in the first page or 2. This is one of the most comprehensive guides to preparedness I have ever found on the net. Click the checkmark to open, or right click and click save as for your free download.


Survival Acronyms

October 1, 2009

For those new to survival, I thought I would post a short list of common acronyms that you will find on many popular survival related sites, including this one. The list is short, but to the beginner, they can be confusing.

EDC:  Every Day Carry.  The items you carry with you on an every day basis, from flashlights, to survival kits, from  firearms,  to Bug Out Bags.

BOB: Bug Out Bag. Your survival kit. Usually intended to enable you to survive for 72 hours, or more, depending on your preparedness level.

GHB: Get Home Bag. A small kit designed to simply get you home, back to your BOB. Minimal supplies, it’s only goal is to give you just enough survival items to enable you to make it back to your longer term preps. It may go hand in hand with your EDC.

INCH: I’m Never Coming Home kit. This is it, the big one. The big daddy of all preparedness items. Most INCH kits include a little bit of everything minus the kitchen sink. This kit is designed to enable you to start life over in a semi comfortable manner should you have to evac and never look back. Given the amount of items in an INCH kit, proper consideration should be given to the weight of your kit, since most likely it will be everything you have, and you will have to lug it around.

BOV: Bug Out Vehicle.  Your method of transportation for bugging out.

BOL: Bug Out Location. Where do you plan on bugging out to? Contingency plans must be made in case your primary BOL is inaccessible. Having a backup BOL and even a third is a smart idea.

Intro to SGR

September 30, 2009

Welcome to Survival Gear Review. Your newest source for gear, reviews, and the most up to date survival information available.  This short intro will explain the whats and whys of this website.

First, the what: What this site is: It is a place for outdoor and survival gear reviews. I have owned and operated 3 successful outdoor sporting goods E-Stores, and decided I needed a blog to offer reviews, special deals from myself, as well as other retailers, as well as a place to give out the latest survival info, tips, and resources. As for me, I’m just a 31 yr old family guy trying to make it through rough times, just like everyone else.

On to the why: Why is a survival resource site even needed? With the economy in the tank, unconstitutional and inviable economic policies, there is no telling what lies in store for us. This could all just be a giant scare, or this could be the crumbling death of our nation. Knowledge is free, and any material things you may see on this site you can bet will be at the lowest price and of the highest quality. I will also suggest other survival related sites and forums that I believe contain outstanding knowledge and intelligent forum posters.

Thanks for stoppin by.