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Military Manuals

October 2, 2009

This list will be constantly updated with downloadable military manuals. Personally what I like to do is print out the pages I believe to be relevant to my situation and surroundings from each manual and put them all in waterproof plastic sheets and stick them in a binder. Instead of having to lug around reams of paper, or a stack of books, I just put my survival binder in with one of my prep boxes. It keeps things light and easy to find that way.

Please note all files are in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

FM 3-3.1 Nuclear contamination avoidance

united_states_army_fm_3-19×30 -physical security

united_states_army_fm_3-21×38 -pathfinder

united_states_army_fm_3-24 -counterinsurgency

united_states_army_fm_3-25×26 – maplandnav

united_states_army_fm_4-25×11 – firstaid

united_states_army_fm_5-20 -camouflage

united_states_army_fm_5-103 – survivability

united_states_marine_mwtc_summer survival- 6_february-2005

united_states_marine_mwtc_winter survival- 6_february-2005

united_states_army_fm_23-10 – sniper training

united_states_army_fm_3-34×230 – 3_august_2000 Topographic Ops

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